Minoan Art Silk-Cotton Scarf


Scarf in silk-cotton twill.

Premium Hand-Rolled Hem Scarf, Presented in a Luxurious Box.

Origin: Crafted in Greece
Designer: Stella Kalogeraki
Dimensions: 65cm x 65cm

Please note that due to the hand-rolled nature of this scarf, the dimensions provided may exhibit slight variations.

Maintain the exquisite allure of your silk scarf by storing it flat and untied. Refrain from exposing it to rain, water, or other chemicals, and when necessary, trust a professional dry cleaner with its care.

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Minoan art, which adorned vases crafted in Crete between 3000-1450 BC, provides insights into the culture, lifestyle, and artistic sensibilities of the ancient Minoans. Some key characteristics of Minoan art patterns include curved lines and flowing forms such as spirals and swirling motifs, perhaps representing concepts like life cycles, natural forces, or cosmic patterns. The details of this scarf all draw inspiration from Minoan vase art.

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minoan art silk cotton scarfMinoan Art Silk-Cotton Scarf
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